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Television audiences often have a tough time when initially deciding which services to opt for. Cable television and satellite television companies are always coming up with new packages and what they describe as great deals in a bid to lure subscribers. Any person can find the task quite challenging when they encounter several service providers who promise them the ‘offers of a lifetime.’ True to authentic companies; several companies exist who provide the services they promise making the cost paid worth the service received. Most Satellite TV companies fall on the bandwagon of genuine service providers.

While cable television subscribers impose monthly charges on their equipment; satellite television providers issue subscribers the set up equipment for free. They give out new equipment to subscribers and offer installation as well as maintenance services for free. Furthermore, the equipment offered by satellite companies is enhanced technologically and the best there is in the market. Cable companies are known to cease every opportunity to extort subscribers. They charge for equipment installation and maintenance. Should a subscriber opt out of the service; they also charge the subscriber when they take down their equipment following a service cancellation.

Cable television providers are also known to charge for extra channels as well as HD programming. With satellite television the normal premium channels are transmitted with great clarity and HD programming is accessible to subscribers for free. The companies also extend HD receivers for free to subscribers with HDTVs.

Satellite television services can be acquired for as less as $30 monthly. This is quite a steal for the HD programming provided as well as the high end equipment offered for free by the satellite television providers. Cable television providers are quite resistant to new technologies which place satellite television ahead of them. The advanced features and specifications bundled with satellite television subscriptions create endless possibilities to using the services. The service allows programming of the DVR remotely via an iPad. Similarly the satellite channels can be viewed on the iPad and other devices plugged into home networks; through DVRs which are sling enabled.

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